Anteater is an anteater. However, he should live on ants, he is scared to death of this insect. He has never eaten any ant in his life. He can only order a Chinese food called “Ants Climbing a Tree” which is a ants-free dish. That is the only way he can show his bold.
Though Anteater is very lazy, he is a very eloquent person. Also, he is very good at all kinds of pronunciation and kissing skills because of his long tongue. With unsociable personality, his best friends are Pangolin and Aardvark who eat real ants.

Interests:Being lazy by staring at sloth
Food:Bubble tea and Ants Climbing a Tree
Trick:Sing famous song “Canon” by his tongue
Dream:Pig out on ants bravely


I like you

I like you because you look into my heart.

I like you because you are curious about the world just like me.
Set Off

We are about to leave!

There is no regulation in this ship. You can join at any time, and you can leave at any time as well.
 You can wait silently, and you also can fly above to find a path.
 When you decide to join the journey, you’ve already had the freedom.
The Owl and the Deer II

Elk is looking forward to the news from his hometown.

Is my family happy as usual?

Is the grassland still shinning in the nights?
The Owl and the Deer

The owl comes from far away to meet his best friend’s family since his best friend can not cross the ocean.

Along the way,

He is very anxious about whether he can achieve the goal, and whether the news is good or bad to make his friend satisfied?

After a long fly, owl finds that his best friend’s family is happy and healthy.

The owl is relieved.

Hippo is coming to look for his good friend.
 Correctly speaking, he is coming to look for his friend’s grandson’s grandson’s grandson.
 Firefly always says to Hippo: “I might go into the distance when you visit me next week.”
 But, it’s ok because you will meet my son.
 Although Hippo’s first firefly friend is gone, Firefly had passed his light to his posterity.
 As for fireflies, Hippo is their god because he lives so long so long…
And Hippo can always tell them the stories about their grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s…